AREVA TN Meets with Local Delegates in Maryland to Promote Nuclear Advocacy

AREVA TN in Columbia, Maryland sent a delegation of NAYGN members to the Maryland Statehouse in Annapolis on February 10th, 2015. This advocacy event was led by Advocacy Chair, Andrew Kulp, and Director of AREVA Inc., Political Action Committee in the Governmental Affairs and Advocacy group, Joshua Madrigal. Four additional NAYGN members (Matthew Bowen, Diego Garcia, Hiruy Hadgu, and Lauren McKee) accompanied Andrew and Joshua.

[caption id="attachment_4041" align="alignnone" width="640"]From Left to Right: Diego Garcia, Andrew Kulp, Matthew Bowen, Hiruy Hadgu, and Lauren McKee From Left to Right: Diego Garcia, Andrew Kulp, Matthew Bowen, Hiruy Hadgu, and Lauren McKee[/caption]

The meetings held with the delegates were conducted to:

1.) Remind delegates of the immense potential that nuclear power has to meet the carbon emission reduction goals set forth by the EPA’s Clean Power Plan.

2.) Bring attention to the reliability that nuclear power plants have provided in meeting base load energy needs during harsh winters.

3.) To remind delegates that nuclear power does not have a “waste” problem, as improvements can be made through research and development to renewable, the challenges that nuclear power faces can be solved through continued research and development, of which the nuclear industry has a proud history.

[caption id="attachment_4042" align="alignnone" width="640"]IMG_2993 AREVA TN NAYGN Members Pose with Calvert County Delegate Mark Fisher[/caption]

NAYGN members indicated their desire to continue this dialogue and offered to answer any questions that may come up in the future. The dedicated efforts of Andrew and Joshua helped bring about a successful day of meetings that will continue throughout the year, including a visit to the office of the Governor of Maryland and a visit by delegates to the AREVA TN office.