Call to action: Be our Zealous Advocate

We’d like to compliment you on your involvement with this organization, NAYGN, that works so hard to promote our professional development and advocate for our industry. It is because you are here and care about what we do together that we are successful.

Continue the work. Advocate and strive to educate in your communities and classrooms about the value added by what our industry offers and why it’s so important that the next generations share in the value of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Communicate the value of the commercial nuclear industry and its people. The young generation does so much good and we’d like to show the world.

Go to Instagram (@NA_YGN), go to Twitter (@NA_YGN), and go to Facebook (@TheNAYGN) and use the hashtag #NAYGN18 when you are posting photos of your NAYGN activities.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming conference in Atlanta and seeing your future participation on our various social media channels!

Should you wish to become more involved hands-on, follow this link and learn about current opportunities to volunteer.

Until Next Time

Do not allow a passive approach to work relationships undermine your professional goals.  Read this short article on the importance asserting yourself and getting into the meetings of which you should be a part.

All learning starts when we say, “I don’t know.” Watch this video of David Marquet describing his experience on the USS Santa Fe, where he turned the ship around in terms of leadership.

See this news article about some recent good works of a local chapter in upstate New York.  Great work, everybody!!