Membership Announcements Volume 12, Issue 21

Breaking News...

  • Registration has begun for the 2015 NAYGN Conference.  This year’s event will be held at the Marriott Marquis in Washington DC from May 12-14.  This year’s conference will be different from previous years: the NAYGN conference has been merged with the Nuclear Energy Assembly (NEA) meeting.  NAYGN members will partake in a 2.5-day conference that will commence with a day of NAYGN Professional Development sessions and includes the NEA general sessions and a Capitol Hill visit.  Please register using the NEA link since this year’s meeting has been merged.


  • Conference award nominations are Open!  Click here to nominate for Chapter Awards, Future, and Founders Awards.  Winners will be recognized at the annual PD Conference in May.  Nominations close Wednesday, March 25 .  This is a great opportunity to recognize the great work your chapter has done this year! Please contact with questions or to volunteer for the Awards Committee.


  • NAYGN represents at Canadian Nuclear Association Conference 2015.    The theme of this year’s 2015 Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) Conference and Trade Show was “Power for a Cooler Climate.”   At CNA 2015 Conference, NAYGN representatives were nominated to sit on the Nuclear Leadership Forum hosted by the CNA.  Look for more details and photos in an upcoming GoNuke article on


  • The Recruiting and Retention Committee is proud to present its newest initiative to communicate best practices and share creative ideas: the Focus. In the second edition, the Nine Mile Point Chapter President, Rupert Wade, discusses point-based incentives, senior leadership support, and camel rides.  If you have a recommendation for the next Focus, please contact



Get Involved

  • CALLING LOCAL CHAPTERS!! On May 11th, prior to the NAYGN National Conference, the PI Team will be hosting a STEM Event at local Washington DC Schools. We are looking for volunteers to help the PI Team reach out to the DC Students. We will be going to a couple classrooms at the schools for approximately an hour. We will have activities set for the students (ie. Goldi blox) AND will also discuss NAYGN & Nuclear Science. If you are interested in volunteering please email


  • CALLING ALL LOCAL CHAPTERS!!  What: PI Award SubmittalsWhen: Submit by March 31st ,2015How: Local Chapters please submit your best outreach program (event) to the PI CommitteeThe submittal should include both a PowerPoint presentation that can be played on a loop that highlights the outreach project and a simple write up.   The simple write up should consist of a  narrative of the event,  number of times the chapter has executed it,  metrics:  number of people reached,  positive mentions in local press, and any other highlights.    We encourage all submitters to give as much information and detail as possible.Who: Please email your submittal to


  • Excellence award nominations opening soon!    Since our members are doing such noteworthy work throughout the year, we are now giving out Excellence Awards on a semi-annual basis and winners will be announced on the website.  Nominations for the first round of Excellence Awards will open in the spring.  Please contact with questions or to volunteer for the Awards Committee.