Membership Announcements Volume 12, Issue 29

Breaking News...

  • The Public Information (PI) Monthly News Article is now available! Take a minute to read this month's article here.  If your Chapter has a PI event that they want to share next month contact
  • 2nd Quarter Excellence Awards are closing soon! Nominate someone in your chapter or committee for their exceptional performance, effective leadership, committed service, and enthusiasm.  Nominations close July 31st.
  • The ANS Operations and Power Division (OPD) will sponsor up to 25 NAYGN members to attend the Utility Working Conference (UWC) and Technology Expo. Sponsorship includes free registration and initial ANS membership for qualified applicants.  For more information and to apply:
  • This years’ 17th Annual NAYGN Drawing Contest theme is “Nuclear Energy Packs a Punch.”  We are looking for Local Chapters to take the lead in hosting a Drawing Contest in your area.  Please refer to the 2015 Drawing Contest Materials on the PI Committee website for detailed instructions on how to host a drawing contest (including a step-by-step Members Guide, the 2015 PowerPoint presentation, English and Spanish versions of the contest Introduction Letters, and much more).  The top drawings will be posted for online voting via the NAYGN webpage and drawing contest winners will be chosen in December 2015.

Get Involved...

  • The PI Committee is looking for a volunteer to lead the Outreach Communications Team. We are currently looking for someone that is driven and wants to continue the organizational outreach videos and risk communications workshop.  This is a great opportunity for young professionals to participate and communicate with the industry.  If interested, contact
  • The Hub Steering Committee is looking for volunteers to fill sub-committee team member roles.  We are currently looking for members for the following sub-committees: Project Management and Finance, Software Selection, Content Expectations, and Content Control.  If interested contact  This is a great opportunity for young professionals to participate in an industry wide initiative, so don’t miss out!
  • The annual Canadian Professional Development Conference will be held in Toronto, Ontario on August 22nd, 2015. The topic this year will be "Nuclear Dollars and Sense," and they are looking for volunteers to assist with the event.  To assist, register.
  • The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) requests a partnership with the nuclear energy industry. NAYGN seeks four more volunteers for a leadership team to setup outreach events with NSBE chapters during National Nuclear Science Week (NNSW) of October 19‑24, 2015.  Contact