Membership Announcements Volume 17 Issue 3

Breaking News...

Joining us at #NEA17 will be Dave Schumacher, Director of the upcoming documentary, The New Fire. Register now for the Annual NAYGN Professional Development Conference at the Nuclear Energy Assembly in Scottsdale, AZ. Early Registration ends April 24th. Dave is one of the many great speakers lined up for the conference. Don't miss out! Please note that NAYGN members ARE allowed to attend the TIP Award Luncheon. More information is available on the NEI Conference Website.

  • SAVE THE DATE: The conference pre-job brief webinar will be held May 4th at 2pm EST

Stay Informed...

  • Is your chapter up to something cool? Share your pictures and information with for inclusion in an upcoming Go Nuke article.
  • Did you know NAYGN posts content to Facebook and Twitter?  You can help inform the public and stay abreast of nuclear news by following us on Facebook  and Twitter.


  • NAYGN has a lot of committees, and needs your help! Most positions only require a few hours a month, but can give you a chance to contribute to NAYGN’s organization. Here are 3 of the many open positions:
    • Our Professional Development Committee is in need of a Webinar Chair.  If interested, please contact Chis Wolfe!
    • Also, we are looking for new Membership and Publications Chairs. Contact Communications Chair Monica Beistline if you would like to engage with NAYGN’s continental efforts.
    • Thirdly, we are looking for a new Sponsorship Chair. Contact President Natalie Wood if you are interested in this position.
  • As always, you can check out these opportunities on the volunteer list.