NAYGN goes to Europe!

In September of 2023, two NAYGN Board of Directors members, Amanda Lang and Michael Smyth, were invited to Europe as a member of a group of emerging leaders for a program study visit. The focus for the ten person group of American emerging leaders was to learn about European energy security policy and to share ideas and information about American business and political positions and policies about best practices and future opportunities. The group was comprised of American government and business leaders with a stake in American and European energy security from organizations such as the US Department of State, the Chamber of Commerce, and Nuclear Energy Institute, among other organizations.

The group visited with EU political and business leaders in Brussels, Belgium (EU Headquarters) to learn about the status of European Energy Security policy and then travelled to Romania and met with members of Romanian government, including the Secretary of State for Strategic Affairs as well as 10 members of the Romanian Parliament to share ideas about how the United States and Romania can work together to strengthen ties and enhance energy security.

Nuclear energy was a big topic for the week as Romania is currently working to renovate their operating Chernavoda nuclear plant, as well as expand their nuclear footprint with new nuclear reactor development.

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The EU post about the trip can be found here: