How NAYGN is Impacting the Nuclear Industry


NAYGN has begun increasing the organization’s participation on an industry level.  One specific example of this is that NAYGN has been given a representative position on NEI’s Workforce Working Group (WFWG).  The Workforce Working Group represents the nuclear industry in the strategic direction and integration of Work Force Management and Development.

During the WFWG’s meeting in Kansas City, NAYGN provided information on the 2016 Career Survey and how the results could be used to help the industry.  “Having NAYGN participate with the Workforce Working Group is proving very useful in providing insights on how to engage the younger generation working in the nuclear industry,” said Elizabeth McAndrew-Benavides, Senior Manager, Strategic Workforce Initiatives. “Including the NAYGN Career Survey results in the conversation with the WFWG members is aiding in introducing new perspectives into the dialogue and planning for future industry action.”

The NAYGN Impact's goal to align the efforts of the NAYGN organization and advance the future of the nuclear industry was also discussed with the members of the WFWG.  This discussion directly resulted in an action taken by the WFWG to request the industry Chief Nuclear Officers to include NAYGN members on the Delivering the Nuclear Promise committees. This request was granted and NAYGN members are currently being selected to serve as participants on the different committees.

“It’s very exciting and encouraging to see our industry include NAYGN in the Delivering the Nuclear Promise initiative,” said Natalie Wood, NAYGN President. “Having NAYGN members participate in the development and implementation of this initiative is a testament to the ability of the young generation to help shape the future of our industry.”

The NAYGN position on the WFWG has been setup as a two year rotation and is assigned to a member of the Core.  The current representative is Natalie Wood.