NAYGN President Asks “How Are You Helping the Industry?”

by Elizabeth Fako (Entergy)

“How many of you heard about the White House petition created in June to keep America’s nuclear plants open?” About half the people in a large meeting room raised their hands. “How many of you signed the petition?” Several hands dropped. “How many of you shared the petition on social media?” Many more dropped. “I’m scared to ask this next question, but how many know about the March for Environmental Hope in California?”  Three people raised their hands. “Now that’s a problem.”

WIN 2016 Pic

This was current NAYGN President Natalie Wood’s message at a recent Women in Nuclear (WIN) conference while discussing how attendees can support the Nuclear Promise’s mission of advancing the future of nuclear.

What was her point?

Just because you’re not in California marching with the environmentalists to save Diablo Canyon Power Plant, or you’re not in New York to send a letter to the public service commission on behalf of James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant, doesn’t mean you can’t support those efforts.

“One of the best things nuclear employees can do to help advance the future of nuclear is to help increase the positive public message,” Wood explained, "but we need to first make sure we are aware of current events in the industry. If we aren’t out there talking about it or sharing it on social media than why would anyone else?”

WiN Slide

So next time you see a pro-nuclear post, share it. It only takes one person who changes their opinion to start discussing it with their family, friends and co-workers before one becomes one hundred, then one thousand. We can all play a role in helping to communicate the value of nuclear; how are you helping?