NAYGN Webinar Series: “Develop Yourself for Career Success”

By: Alexandra Vazquez, Duke Energy, Shearon Harris Chapter

Following the 2013 Annual Conference, the NAYGN Professional Development Committee will provide a series of webinars to provide an overview of:

  • The Industry (NEI) Competency Model;
  • Remedies to gain some of the skills in the NEI Industry Competency Model per several references including the For Your Improvement Book; and
  • Real live experiences (stories) from NAYGN members who have gained these skills.

Each session will provide an interactive, engaging, memorable webinar for young professionals to help improve their careers.  Participants will leave the webinar with a set of remedies (To Do’s) that they can share with their mentor or supervisors.

The schedule and title for each webinar is:

  • June 11 - Business Acumen
  • July 2 - Communication Skills
  • July 16 - Learning and Adapting
  • July 30 - Planning and Organizing
  • August 13 - Respect for Others
  • August 27 - Self-Management
  • September 10 - Teamwork
  • September 24 - Technical Acumen
  • October 8 - Safety Culture