River Bend Chapter Sponsors 3rd Annual Recycled Fashion Show

The theme of this year’s Recycled Fashion Show was “Under the Sea” and for the third straight year, West Feliciana students showed what can be done with a little trash and a lot of creativity.


The Recycled Fashion Show is an annual educational event intended to inspire students to protect the environment through fun and innovative ways by reusing discarded materials, then make costumes for a runway-style fashion show. Entergy’s River Bend Station sponsored the event.


All costumes at the Nov. 19 show were original and adapted and re-purposed from cardboard, metal, aluminum, plastic, paper cartons, chipboard, various types of paper and paper or plastic bags.

Teams were made up of at least one model and up to three other members, and the “ocean and its inhabitants” were the inspiration.


“Participation in this fashion show provides a unique opportunity for all students to create original pieces and express not only their creativity, but their individuality,” said talented arts teacher Kelly Williams-Morantine. “The community was in awe from the diverse sea creatures to the bagpipe-playing Loch Ness Monster.”


She said students should be proud of themselves for not only making original outfits, but adapting, reusing and re-purposing items to create the one-of-a-kind fashions. At least 75 percent of the costumes were reconstructed and the teams were judged based on how the costumes fit, as well as the choice of colors, textures, style, accessories and use of theme.


The categories, number of participants, winners and names of their creations were:

Prekindergarten THROUGH first grade : 4 participants, winner Lillian Wood, “Starfish.”

Second THROUGH fifth grade : 11 participants, winner Ella Corinne Howle, “Nessie the Loch Ness Monster.”

Middle school : 23 participants, winner Alice Holland, “Silver Dollar Fish.”

Family : 1 group, Anna and Marcia Roberg, “The Pollution of the Ocean.”

High school : 4 participants, winner Kelsi Jackson, “More than Shells on the Shore.”

Grandmother’s Buttons Award : winner Emma Kate Temple, “Swimming Under the Sea.”

WFHS visual arts teacher Killian Williams said the creativity was impressive this year.


“The theme has changed from year to year, but the staple I find is the great ideas of the students and the way they execute them,” he said.

Originally published by The Advocate: http://theadvocate.com/news/westfeliciana/14049456-123/students-go-under-the