Vote Now for Your Favorite 2015 NAYGN Drawing Contest Entry

Congratulations to the five finalists for the 2015 Drawing Contest:  Miranda Overstreet, Yuvie Singh, Celia Cleary, Mackenzie Dunn, and Abigail Roy.  Nineteen chapters participated this year and we have our volunteers to thank for reaching out to 3000 students!  The purpose of the NAYGN Drawing Contest is to introduce elementary school students to nuclear science in a positive way.  This year the theme was Nuclear Energy Packs a Punch.  4th and 5th grade students learned how atoms can be used to make electricity and the enormous magnitude of energy density of nuclear power.  Please vote for your favorite picture using the link below (NOTE: Voters must be registered NAYGN members. And only one vote per member).

Prizes will be awarded based on the outcome of this vote.  Thank you for your participation!

Drawing Contest 1

Drawing Contest 2

Drawing Contest 3

Drawing Contest 4