Some frequently asked questions posed by our membership are captured here for future reference:

Q:  How do I update my login username?
A: This is a case by case update scenario, in which the user will need to notify the NAYGN Webmaster through the Contact Us page to get this resolved.

Q:  What is NAYGN?
A: NAYGN is a grassroots organization of young professionals in the nuclear science and technology fields. The founding principles of NAYGN are knowledge transfer, professional development, public information, recruiting & retention and networking. About Us.

Q:  Why should I join NAYGN?
A:  Joining NAYGN is free and simple.  Members receive regular email updates on current events and activities relevant to the nuclear science and technology community.  NAYGN members can also get involved with their local chapters.

Q:  How do I contact a local chapter?
A:  Contact your local chapter lead.

Q:  What if there is no local chapter near me?
A:  How to start a local chapter.

Q:  How do I update the local chapter lead contact information for my chapter?
A:  Contact your regional lead and country affairs chair through the Contact Us page.