Expired on: Jan 17, 2023


As the Vice President, you would be a voting member of NAYGN’s Board of Directors. This position is a three-year commitment; the Vice President advances to President and then Past President, holding each position for one year. Applicants must be under the age of 36 at time of nomination.

The Vice President shall be responsible for all programs related to the recruitment, retention and tracking of membership in the Corporation, including but not limited to:

  • Identifying groups of potential members.
  • Creating targeted campaigns to attract members.
  • Designing and promoting an annual membership drive.
  • Identifying opportunities for current members to assist in the recruiting effort.

In coordination with the National Representatives, the Vice President shall be responsible for promoting chapter and local section development.  The Vice President shall be the board sponsor for the engagement committee, benchmarking committee, and clean energy committee.

For reference, NAYGN bylaws can be found HERE

Monica Beistline Block

Monica Beistline Block

Board Sponsor

Past President

Organizational: Board of Directors
Sorry! This job has expired.