Duke Energy NAYGN Chapter Hosts Q&A on HBO Chernobyl Miniseries

Kristie Soliman of the Duke Energy NAYGN Chapter organized and moderated a Chernobyl panel session in Charlotte, NC hosted by Resident Culture Brewery on July 23.  The event was a smashing success attended by 150 members of the community (approximately 80+% were outside of the nuclear industry!)

Standing room only at Resident Culture Brewery on a Tuesday night for:  Chernobyl!  Ask Your Local Experts!

Soliman provided background on the nuclear accident and context for the HBO drama “Chernobyl”.  Panelist Glen Lawson, former nuclear operator and current risk analysis engineer discussed the differences between RBMK and American reactor designs.  Panelist Art Mironenko, nuclear engineer born in Kiev, Ukraine discussed the impact of the accident on his family and regaled the audience with stories of Soviet Russia.  Panelist Amanda Lang, nuclear core designer, discussed the inaccurate portrayal of radiation sickness as contagious in the series.

Moderator Kristie Soliman discusses the world’s worst nuclear accident with panelists Glen Lawson, Amanda Lang, and Art Mironenko.

Soliman fielded questions submitted by audience members
electronically.  Some highlights include:

  • Should you buy a house near a nuclear
    reactor?  (Spoiler:  yeah!)
  • Which is safer: 
    pressurized or boiling water reactors?
  • Mironenko described his uncle’s experience as a
  • Does drinking protect you from the health
    effects of radiation?

Watch the full event here.  All participants were given a radioactive snack (a banana) and a “Split Don’t Emit” reusable grocery bag.

If you are interested in hosting a similar event, check out the
Chernobyl Panel Resources  reference materials on our Public Information page.  Feel free to contact pi@naygn.web.zuul.work for support in bringing this event to your city!