Membership Announcements Volume 12, Issue 32

NAYGN has reasons to celebrate.  Join in the events leading up to National Nuclear Science (October 19-23).

  • October 14 – Post Card Push Day!
    • Last year, NAYGN members sent over 2,000 post cards to local/state legislators to advocate for nuclear power. It was a small effort that spoke volumes.
    • Get a pen and make this year’s event bigger.
    • Read the details or contact Chris Wolfe to get involved:
  • October 12 through 18 – NAYGN participates in Careers in Energy Week
    • Help raise awareness of the rewarding careers available in the energy industry.
    • NAYGN will host 3 separate webinars focused on middle school, high school and college students.
    • Help raise attendance: hang a Flyer or Tweet your support (#CareersInEnergy)
  • October 29 though November 22 – Meet future candidates for the Nuclear Industry
    • NAYGN continues to strengthen its relationship with the NSBE.
    • Find and attend a NSBE regional conference in your area.
    • Contact Toshawnka Walker for more details:
  • November 6 – Drawing Contest Submission Deadline
    • NAYGN’s marquee event continues strong 17 years later by showing how Nuclear Energy Packs a Punch!
    • Winning 4th and 5th graders earn awards for their school and will see their talents on display
    • Read the details or contact Amanda Lang to get involved:
  • December 1 – Nuclear4Climate Campaign Finale
    • Social media campaign to globally highlight how Nuclear is a low carbon energy Available now. #Nuclear4Climate
    • Take part in the Climate Week activities going on now
    • Chapter leads be on the look-out for more information about photo campaign to show how young professionals make a difference.


Did you have a great experience at NAYGN 2015?  Do you want to make NAYGN 2016 even better?  The PD committee is kicking off for the year, and it's not too late to join the team.  Abbey Donahue, the PD chair, is looking for team members of all backgrounds, and all levels of commitment.  Contact her at if you want to work with other industry professionals in planning the 2016 conference.